Turnigy GTX3 AFHDS 2.4ghz 3 Channel Radio System

The much-anticipated and exclusive Turnigy GTX3 AFHDS 2.4ghz 3 Channel radio system is here! This great looking Transmitter uses proven channel hopping technology to provide a solid, reliable link for RC Cars & Boats.

The Turnigy GTX3 features a large Back-lit LCD, A quick access jog wheel for function selection and programming, 10 Model memory, Steering wheel extension as standard, a host of programming features and compatibility with the already proven HK-GT2R 3 Channel receiver. The GTX3 can also connect with the free to download VRC Race Simulator when used with the optional USB cable (not included, see related items below). The combination of great features and solid reliability means the Turnigy GTX3 could very well be the last radio you will ever need!

Specs: Channels: 3 RF Type: 2.4Ghz  AFHDS Bandwidth: 500Hz RF power: less than 20DB Sensitivity: 1024 Low Voltage Warning: Yes (less than 9V) Fail Safe: Yes DSC Port: Yes (3.5mm PPM) Charging Port: Yes Power: 12V DC (1.5AA x 8) Weight: 395g CE & FCC certified 3.9″ Blue Back-lit LCD
Programing Options: Model Memory (10 Models) Servos NOR/REV Steering Trim Throttle Trim Dual Rate End Point Adjustment ABS Settings EXP Settings
Includes: Turnigy GTX3 Transmitter Turnigy GTX3R 3 Channel receiver RX Antenna Tube Bind Plug User Manual

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11.1V 2200mAh Rechargeable Li-Po Battery for Futaba Transmitter

1) Capacity: 2200mAh
2) Voltage: 11.1V
3) Dimensions: 10.4 cm x 4.7 cm x 1.3 cm
4) Weight: 131g

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0100 Transmitter Neck Strap Balancer (JR/Spektrum/Hitec)

Constructed from light weight aluminum this neck strap balancer adjust change the COG of your transmitter. A balanced transmitter will provide better control and greater comfort for extended periods of use.

JR: X3810 / 9X / 9XII / 10S / 10X / 12X / DSX7 / DSX9 / DSX12 Spectrum: DX7/ FF9 HITEC: AURORA-9

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Model: FT06-B(Used)

Model: FT06-B Use in: airplane, fixed-pitch helicopter, car, boat Band: 35MHz, 36MHz, 40MHz, 41MHz, 72MHz, 75MHz Output power: ≤750mW Current drain: ≤300mA Modulation: PPM RF module: Set-in Power: 9.6-12V Dual rate range: 100%~70% Mix: Elevon (Ch 1 and Ch 2 mix) Reverse switch: Ch 1 aileron, Ch 2 elevator, Ch 3 throttle, Ch 4 rudder Low voltage warning: battery voltage <8.8V, LED glitters and buzzer buzzes once a second;                   battery voltage <8.3V, LED glitters and buzzer buzzes twice a second. Charge jack Simulator jack

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ETB62-2.4GHz R/C System/TX only

Specification: Number of channels: 6
Charging jack: yes 3D switch: : 12 V (1.5V * 8AA batteries) R/C distance: ≥350m Voltage Display: LCD Color: Black
Antenna length: 15 cm Using occasions: aircraft, helicopters

This TX came with RTF but was not needed.


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0113 JR Transmitter Neck Strap

JR Transmitter Neck Strap Made from heavy-duty polyester Nylon. This is not a converted mobile-phone lanyard. This is a real transmitter strap that can hold over  2kg in weight!
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Hobby King GT-2 2.4Ghz 2Ch Tx & Rx

Hobby King GT-2  2.4Ghz 2Ch Tx & Rx

Hobbykings GT-2 2.4ghz system is an entry level transmitter offering the reliability of 2.4Ghz signal technology with very sensitive 3ch long antenna receiver for RC Car or Boat. Powered by 8 AA type batteries. (Not included)
Suitable for all gas and electric car or boat setups.
Key Features; 2-channel 2.4GHz transmitter with servo reversing. Easy to use control for basic models. Includes 3-channel receiver Trainer system option. This system does not need a PC to program servo direction.
Fail Safe Function
Model: Car/Boat
Channels: 2ch
RF power: Less than 20dbm
Modulation: GFSK
Code type: Digital
Sensitivity: 1024
Low voltage warning: Yes (less than 9V)
DSC port: Yes (3.5mm)
Charge port: Yes
Power: 12VDC(1.5AA x 8)
Weight: 328g
Antenna length: 26mm
Size: 159 x 99 x 315mm
Receiver; Model: Car/Boat
Channels: 3ch
Frequency band: 2.4Ghz
Modulation: GFSK
Sensitivity: 1024
RF. receiver sensitivity: -100dbm
Power: 4.5~6VDC
Weight: 5g
Antenna length: 26mm
Size: 37.6 x 22.3 x 13mm
Included; 1 x 2.4Ghz 2ch transmitter 1 x 2.4Ghz 3ch Receiver 1 x Bind Plug
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OrangeRx Open LRS 433MHz TX Module (JR/Turnigy compatible)

The all new OrangeRX Open LRS TX Module is an open source transmitter module that can be programmed to use your choice of protocol and any channel in the 400~460MHz range. It is a fully user-customizable RF transmitter system. It can even be programmed to utilize extra features such as telemetry when used with the OrangeRX OpenLRS Rx module. The OrangeRX Open LRS TX Module a very versatile unit perfect for your custom projects. It utilizes a 100mW RFM22B RF unit and Atmega328 processor with Arduino Bootloader allowing you to upload pre-written codes or write your own to suit your transmitter needs. The default code utilizes 3 channel frequency hopping. If you would like to use a different protocol, you can write your own hopping codes or simply download one of the many pre-written OpenLRS code sets already available. Features: • 3.3v FTDI support for easy programming (DO NOT use 5V serial / AVRISP adapters) • Serial Port for firmware upload and telemetry application • I2C port for sensor applications (Wii Motion Plus based Headtracker) • 16Mhz Atmega328 processor with Arduino Pro Mini compatible bootloader. • LM2937 3.3v voltage regulator • U.F.L connector between PCB and antenna • Buzzer for audible information • RFM22B transceiver unit including Si4432 chip with configurable 0-100mW output, frequency hopping capability and hundreds of features
Specs: Compatibility: 5-pin JR compatible module-based transmitters Frequency: 433MHz Voltage input: 6.8~12VDC IC: Atmega328P Power: 100mW Range: Full range system Includes: OrangeRx OpenLRS Tx Module (JR/Turnigy compatible) Antenna
*Note: The setup and use of Open LRS requires computer programming skills and basic Arduino experience. This is not a “plug and play” system. See the attached document under the “Files” tab for resources on programming info, firmware downloads and more.
*Note: Open LRS uses 3.3v FTDI support, DO NOT use a 5V serial / AVRISP adapter or damage will occur.

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